Bonton Associates

How We Helped a Small Engineering Firm Win Multi-Million Dollar Contracts

Bonton Associates needed to update their current visual identity in order to present a more competitive face to potential clients.

Bonton Associates

Project Goal

To give Bonton Associates an updated visual identity that would present them as experts in the industry as well as make them stand out among competitors.

Project Scope

  • logo
  • website
  • branded proposal documents
  • letterhead
  • business cards

Project Impact

Bonton Associates immediately won their next proposal, a contract totaling more than $2M and has expanded to a second city of operation.

Bonton Associates

Bonton Associates: A Small Engineering Firm With Big Potential

The Mission

Bonton Associates, a civil engineering firm based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, needed an updated visual representation for the company that spoke not only to the work that the company did, but how the work was done.

For this project, the client wanted to showcase how the company leveraged data and technology not only to make work more efficient, and less expensive, but also more accurate. With this in mind, Bonton Associates wanted an overhaul of their visual communication that still had the simple, modern look that they had begun with.

Because technology is a pivotal part of what Bonton Associates does, we knew we wanted to visual design to make reference to it. Another key attribute was the company's focus on water resources like water, wastewater, and storm water municipal infrastructure. With these principles in mind, we began work for Bonton Associates

The Process

We set out working on the logo with these principles in mind, and presented an image that focused on the flow of water. Upon iteration, we knew we needed to include data and technology into the design.

We were even able to include a bit of technical imagery into the logo, referencing a particular mathematic operation used in water transport. While this detail may not be as recognizable to the layman, we think it adds to the character of the logo and will make an interesting easter egg for the eagle-eyed observer.

Bonton Associates commissioned KayEssPea Design for a new logo, website, business cards, and letterheads, as well as branded proposal documents to set the firm apart from competition.

The goal of these redesigns was to make clear Bonton Associates' commitment to data and technology.

The Impact

Right on the heels of the redesign, Bonton Associates began to compete for municipal redesign projects in their focus. The first proposal submitted was a redesign for the sewer system for the City of Shreveport, Louisiana. Bonton Associates secured the contract, winning the multi-million dollar project, despite being a relative newcomer to the sector.

Bonton Associates continues to win large clients and has expanded its offices to a second city, as well as expanded its services to include transportation design.

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