Get to know us a little.

What is KayEssPea Design, LLC?

KayEssPea Design, LLC, a Baton Rouge graphic design company, was formed in 2017. KayEssPea Design’s core competency is branding for small businesses. KayEssPea Design strives to provide customers with visual identity content that will set them apart from their competition while conveying the message of their brand to their target audience.

Who is Keisha S Perkins

Keisha S Perkins is a self-taught designer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and owner of KayEssPea Design. The goal of her designs is to allow form and function to meet client needs. Keisha has been working in some freelance capacity since 2010 and prides herself on efficient service that keeps clients’ goals in mind.

How Can KayEssPea Design Help?

No matter how small or large your business, the face you present to the public is important. At KayEssPea Design, we'd like to help you present a in away that truly represents not only where your company is today, but where it is going in the future. We will help you realize a plan for your company's visual identity that shows customers who you are and what you're about.

What Does KayEssPea Design Do?

KayEssPea Design focuses on visual identity, web design and development, as well as creative strategy to tie it all together.

We want to make sure you leave KayEssPea design with the ability to put your best foot forward with an effective and consistent voice.

What Is the "Brand Refresh?"

We all have to begin somewhere. And the brand refresh is where we put the tomorrow into your brand's yesterday. Suppose you started with a shoestring budget and are looking to make your brand's visual identity match where you are today.

During the refresh process, we will work with you to create a brand that is more appropriate for the image you want to present. Whether with a new logo, or website, from printable media to billboards we at KayEssPea design will make sure you have all the components you need to present a winning brand to customers.

What Is The Process?

This is not a closed process. At KayEssPea design, we want to include the client on the decision making process. So we work with companies to learn their goals and needs before the first sketch begins. This way the final product isn't just something from us, but also matches your company's culture and style.

Is That All?

Pretty much! We're if you're interested in partnering with KayEssPea Design, you can start a project or contact us.

We look forward to working with you to take your brand from yesterday into tomorrow!

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